Tailor-made R,D+I

The R,D&I Department works daily on developing new products and solutions as well as improving existing products, performing thousands of tests every year together with Marketing, Sales and the customers themselves.

The Innovation Centre has its own pilot plant, laboratory, sample preparation rooms and a culinary centre with experienced chefs exclusively dedicated to developing new products and looking for new ideas to be always at the cutting edge of culinary innovation.

R,D&I devotes its efforts to developing new products and processes (new manufacturing techniques, characterisation studies on vegetables and varieties, continuous process control, investigating eco-efficiency measures, etc.).

Tailor-made solutions

Every new development is a new challenge for us. We mobilise our whole team of professionals to guarantee the most suitable solution that meets our clients’ requirements.

  • Over 1,000 m² in our innovation centre devoted to applying the most modern technologies to the production of all kinds of deep frozen vegetable products and solutions.
  • Culinary chefs always at the forefront of new worldwide trends to offer the most varied solutions first hand.
  • A pilot plant to ensure that the innovative developments our team has in mind can be turned into reality and reach the consumer with all the proper safeguards.
  • The whole range of vegetables, pulses and vegetable-based prepared foods.
  • All kinds of formats and containers. Ask about our packaging solutions.
  • Sauces, seasonings, flavourings… A whole world to explore.